Stumbled across this brilliant PBS Frontline documentary: The Card Game. Please make time to watch it. It reveals how the banks and credit card companies rob their customers blind. But more than just the expose of the banking industry, it also unwittingly reveals the entrails of the American system and how it has been designed to profit the rich and screw the poor.

The truths gleaned from this film – although long known and understood – can be put down as simple equations on how the American system works. But in fairness, free market democracies everywhere else are no different. The difference is only of degrees and modes of deception. The object of the game is the same: how best to scam the people. Anyways, here’s a lowdown on the American reality:

Democracy = lobbying power
Politicians = enablers of corporate greed
Free market = lawless greed
American people = suckers
American way = profit by any means
Business ethics = what’s that?

Interestingly there is one Shailesh Mehta, an Indian who supposedly revolutionised the credit card industry. He says, “lending money is the simplest thing to do.” On this simple truth he built a financial empire, and paved the way to the sub-prime mortgage collapse and a global financial crisis circa 2008/2009.

Watch the PBS documentary: The Card Game

Shailesh Mehta
Shailesh Mehta: The genius behind the credit card revolution. Source: PBS

3 comments on “‘Free’ and ‘all you can eat’: people love that

  • Brilliant movie. Shows once again that all reality (social and political) is manipulated by and for the benefit of the powerful. The ending came as a total surprise – with the spiritual message of unity and oneness. A must-see movie. Thanks for sharing.

  • He is great person. Of course he is an Indian that’s why. The revolution of credit card by him is always remembered in history. Nice movie and great work done by Shailesh Mehta.

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