Debut novel coming out in April 2020

Keepers of the Faith is set among the members of a small Muslim sect of India, ruled by an oppressive priesthood that demands absolute submission, while overseeing regressive customs such as wearing the veil, isolating widows, and female circumcision. When a section of the community rebels, the head priest's wrath comes crashing down upon them. In their excommunication, they are shunned by friends and family and denied religious rites such as burials. A peaceful community is split into two.

The novel follows the fates of two teenage lovers who find themselves on opposite sides of the schism. Their dream of a happy life together is shattered and they are forced into separate destinies. Years later, as family man and woman their paths cross again, presenting them with soul-destroying choices.

This is the story of a people caught in the grip of blind faith and the terrible price they must pay for standing up for their dignity. Told with compassion and a controlled rage, the story takes the reader on a journey that is as provocative as it is heart-wrenching.

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Priase for Keepers of the Faith

Shaukat Ajmeri’s soaring debut illuminates in exacting, elegant language how over time even the sustaining powers of faith can corrode the human spirit. Ultimately a profound meditation on family, love and the cost of accepting fate, this memorable novel will linger long in the reader’s mind.

— Arif Anwar, author of The Storm

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Shaukat Ajmeri was born and educated in India. He worked as a journalist before coming to Canada and of late has started on a literary career. He is currently writing a collection of short stories and a second novel. This website features some of his select articles and blog posts.